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Sara Chin leads the tax practice at Deloitte. It provides and delivers tax and business advisory services, including global business tax, global employer services and indirect tax. She is the Asia Pacific regional indirect tax, national indirect tax and customs leader. She also leads the team in providing integrated solutions to the most complicated VAT and customs issues.

Deloitte Asia Pacific International Core of Excellence (Deloitte AP ICE) is led by Leonard Khaw and Lili Zheng. It provides local insight into key foreign tax jurisdictions in the context of clients’ constraints and objectives. AP ICE has integrated foreign nationals into its Asia Pacific tax practice. It is available to provide tax support in a wide range of situations, including new business development, one-off issues, day-to-day questions, M&A and corporate life events.

Deloitte also focuses on its Global Financial Services Industry practice, which provides tailor-made solutions to domestic and foreign financial institutions.

DLA Piper

DLA Piper’s tax practice covers corporate tax, indirect tax, disputes, customs, consumption tax and foreign exchange. It has an extensive knowledge of M&A tax, involving post-acquisition integration, supply chain management, business process review, distribution, retail and after-sales services. The team also advises on structuring inbound and outbound investment, procurement centres and contract manufacturing relationships. It has continued providing services to large fortune 500 clients. In addition, it has the capability to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ service.

In 2017, Anderson Lam and Doris Ho assisted an S&P 500, NYSE-listed insurance company in share transfer and tax-related issues in Asia Pacific. In this project, the team proposed a seamless integrated approach to a cross-border structure. DLA Piper also advised the client on achieving optimal tax efficiency. Daniel Chan, Anderson Lam and Doris Ho also helped a global household goods distributor on tax controversy matter. The team represented the client on a Hong Kong offshore claim matter.


David Chan is the head of the tax department at EY. The firm provides services covering business tax, indirect tax, transactional tax, international tax, and tax-related issues associated with human capital, compliance and reporting. In addition, EY strives to be innovative in the digital field by taking advantage of tools and methodologies to handle tax issues involving tax compliance and data analytic requirements. The tax controversy team advises taxpayers on preventing, managing and resolving tax controversy cases, reducing or eliminating of penalty loading at settlement and formulating alternative approaches to expedite the conclusion of tax disputes.


In 2017, EY helped a client identify an efficient restructuring plan to manage the tax implication on intellectual properties management. In this project, EY not only balanced the overseas tax and Hong Kong tax risks, but also considered the capital gains, GST, Hong Kong tax and other transfer pricing factors.


KPMG has made various contributions in the development of tax policy frameworks in 2017, including advocating for the introduction of group tax loss relief rules, aircraft leasing tax regimes, regional headquarter tax incentives and super R&D tax incentives. The KPMG tax dispute resolution and controversy practice offers a wide range of services, covering tax audit preparation assistance, tax policy services and obtaining rulings and treatments of areas hitherto not covered or unclear in the tax regulations. In addition, the team participates in various professional associations and industry groups such as Venture Capital Intelligence.

In 2017, Adam Zhong helped a client on a tax audit matter. It involved the cross-jurisdiction exchange of information between the PRC and Hong Kong. It proposed the strategies on how to manage the information offered by the IRD to the PRC tax authorities linked to the tax audit conducted on the client. In one general corporate tax project, Chris Abbiss, John Gu and Ivor Morris provided tax advisory services to help a client deal with the proposed acquisition of a listed international logistics group matter.