Audience = our researchers

  • While we have training, you cannot compare it to your level of expertise. Our expertise is in research and assessment

Rankings = competitive

  • Be sure to include your best work in your submission 
  • Quality over quantity


  • Why was the case so innovative or impactful?
  • Explain in terms of your jurisdiction (something standard in one jurisdiction might not be in another jurisdiction)
  • Client names: not mandatory to give the names of clients in deals, but it does help give context
  • Your firm’s role – e.g. were you the lead adviser or a local referral?
  • Deal values: not compulsory but it can be very helpful in giving context
  • Option to say “more than X amount” to give some idea of the scope and size of the matter.

Questions you can answer

  • What benefit did it give to your client
  • Methods used
  • Capability
  • Why did you include this matter
  • Any new technologies arise from this case?
  • Did it have a market influence such as an effect on policy?

Ranking tables

  • Send us cases that reflect different practice areas (Indirect tax, Tax controversy, Transfer pricing, etc.) to be considered for ranking under the different tables


  • Highlight in RED
  • We promise not to publish any confidential information

One, two or even more forms?

  • You can use a single form for all submissions, if it is easier for you
  • You can also submit multiple forms (one for general corporate tax, one for transfer pricing and one each for every other practice area listed), so 15 case deals for each practice area as long as these are submitted in separate forms.


  • You can list your outstanding individuals for consideration for the World Tax Leaders, but this does not guarantee includsion. Ideally, they should be linked to a case deal they have worked on as evidence


Include client contacts:

  • You know will respond
  • That have had a positive client experience with you
  • Who know the market; most senior does not always mean best
  • Who know you – both your advisers and your firm
  • Who can give accurate details of how you worked with them
  • Who are able to give feedback that is constructive and comparative