Q: Why does the guide only cover tax work?

A: World Tax focuses solely on tax in line with the scope of our sister publication ITR. This allows us to create more focused, granular and detailed content.

Q: Can firms pay to be ranked?

A: No. Our rankings are based entirely on the independent research carried out by our research analysts.

Q: Our firm has completed the most Transactional tax matters in our jurisdiction in the last 12 months. Will this result in a Tier 1 ranking in your Transactional tax table?

A: Our rankings are qualitative not quantitative so we judge firms on the complexity of their work and the legal innovation they can demonstrate as opposed to the number of transactions they have completed.

Q: Our firm is ranked but there is no accompanying Review, why is this?

A: Our editorial policy states that we only provide accompanying text on a practitioner’s practice if they have engaged with the research process. This is to ensure that we are providing accurate information to our readership.

Q: Our firm has taken an advertisement listing on the website but we are not ranked, why is this?

A: The editorial and sales processes are entirely separate and a firm will only be ranked if our research demonstrates that they should be, regardless of whether they have purchased a listing in the guide.

Q: Our firm has had a very successful year in Tax controversy but we have not moved up in your rankings. Why is this?

A: Our annual rankings are a reflection of market performance over the previous THREE years. We take this view to ensure that our rankings reflect a firm’s long-term track record in the market rather than just representing the last 12 months, which can create anomalies.

Q: Our firm has won an ITR award for Tax controversy work but we are not in the top tier in your table. Why is this?

A: The ITR awards focus solely on performance in the last 12 months alone. The World Tax rankings reflect a firm’s long-term reputation in the market.

Q: If we submit client referee details will they be put on any mailing lists?

A: No. All client referee details submitted to us are treated as confidential and we only use the information to contact individuals as part of our Client Feedback Survey.

Q: There are quotes from our clients in the editorial but they are not attributed, why is this?

A: We do not attribute client quotes to encourage individuals to offer their honest opinion on the firms and lawyers they have worked with.

Q: I am a partner specialised in Indirect tax work. I wish to provide feedback on your rankings, how can I do this?

A: For each research project we undertake we contact all relevant lawyers whose details we have and ask them to complete our Practitioner Feedback Survey. This is an anonymous online survey allowing individuals to provide their feedback on our current rankings. If you have not received a hyperlink to the relevant survey please contact a member of our editorial team.

Q: Our firm has just completed significant matter but the details of it and our role are confidential, can we still submit this information?

A: Yes, but please ensure that all confidential information is marked in RED. Our research analysts will consider this information for the research but we will not publish any details of it.

Q: Our firm is very active in a certain jurisdiction but we do not have an office there. Can we still submit information on our practice?

A: Yes, but please be advised that if you do not practice local law in the jurisdiction concerned the firm will not be considered for the ranking.

Q: Our firm has strict client confidentiality rules and we cannot provide any client referees, will this have an impact on our ranking?

A: Client feedback is very important to our research and we encourage law firms to submit referees as part of the process. We do not penalise firms for not providing referees. However, please be aware that positive client feedback greatly enhances a firm’s chances of improving its ranking.

Q: Our firm has just completed a significant matter but your annual summary submission deadline has passed, can we still submit it?

A: Yes, the World Tax research is a continuous process and we keep abreast of market developments throughout the year. The submission process just allows us to make sure that we have the details of a firm’s main work highlights for the previous 12 months.

Q: Our firm has produced an annual report on our finance practice. Can we send this document in instead of a submission?

A: Yes, as long as the information requested on the submission form is included you can send information in any format you choose.