Dominican Republic

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Guzman Ariza

With numerous offices across the Dominican Republic, Guzmán Ariza has an efficient network of lawyers providing clients with needed tax and legal advice. The group counsels’ clients in areas relating to tax planning and regulatory compliance. The group works with the intention of providing clients with fiscal planning advice which does not compromise compliance or put their ventures at risk. The firm’s key services include, the submission of tax returns, audit and judicial defence, accounting, and tax risk evaluations.

Guzmán Ariza has maintained a high volume of work within the real estate industry. It recently assisted Noval, real estate developers in the Punta Cana region, with the acquisition of land, and tax planning for their new tourism-residential developments. However, the firm maintains long term relationships across diverse industries. Since 2015, upon the American logistical transportation company Mammoet's construction of a coal power plant on the island, the firm has continually overseen service negotiations with the Dominican government in addition to handling contractor agreements with subcontractors on the company’s behalf.

Over the course of the research period, the group hired three new professionals, and opened its eighth office in the country to support their work.


The OMG tax group excels in the areas of both VAT and income tax.  The team represents both domestic and international clients across a variety of sectors. OMG undertakes tax-planning projects both on a stand-alone basis, and as an integral part of its engagement in other matters through a variety of cross-service structures. Ana Isabel Taveras Lois continues to act as the director if the tax practice. She has extensive experience in tax, analysis, design and the implementation of efficient tax solutions.

A notable example of the team’s recent was a matter in which it negotiated against domestic tax authorities. The case presented an opportunity to set a precedent on the application of double taxation agreements. OMG provided analysis, design, and implementation of the strategy presented on their behalf.

Pellerano & Herrera

Founded in 1952, Pellerano & Herrera is a highly regarded law firm which has extensive experience working with domestic and international clients. The team offers a wide array of services, which includes facilitating businesses entry into the market, tax compliance, planning, assessments and litigation. Similarly, the group has developed a complementary service, payroll management, to assist clients who lack Dominican subsidiaries to accomplish the needed work. 

The firm has regularly represented clients in tax and customs matters. The group led a customs tax negotiation which resulted as the first case in the Dominican Republic in which tax authorities accepted a reduction the amount of taxes to be paid. This type of success recently led to Partner Caroline Bonó advising significant leaders across the digital economy on the tax implications of their entrance into the Dominican marketplace.

The firm has maintained a collaborative group of tax focused partners and associates, in addition to accounting professionals to provide their range of services.