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Bogota 110231


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Partner: Laura Sanint
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Quick facts:

Number of partners: 1
Number of advisors: 4
Network memberships: IFA, IBA, ICDT
Languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese

SanintRivas is best known for its commitment to deliver value to its clients. Our team knows how to deal with complexity and think strategically about our client´s business, and the dynamics of the Colombian and international tax regulation environment.

We understand in depth corporate law, tax law and transfer pricing and how they interact. We also have a strong basis in accounting, finance and business projections. As in the standard of the industry most of the attorneys focuses on laws and regulations, it is of tremendous value to find advisers who have a vision that goes beyond that scope and who are capable to articulate legal necessities with the business objectives of an organization. Our mission is to identify and facilitate our clients to grow through innovative and disruptive strategies.

What makes our practice different from those only focused on compliance matters is that we are providing strategic advice covering how to (i) set a comprehensive corporate tax and/or transfer pricing policy adapted to our client’s demands and market, (ii) meet any requirement regarding compliance matters, and (iii) meet the formal and substantive national and international standards of a tax audit. We emphasize that corporate tax and transfer pricing advice should go along with the general corporate and tax policies of the client.

  • Corporate tax matters: Cross-border project management
  • Corporate tax matters: Restructuring
  • Corporate tax matters: Cost-sharing arrangements
  • Corporate tax matters: APAs
  • Corporate tax matters: Transactions
  • Corporate tax matters: M&A
  • Corporate tax matters: Environmental
  • Corporate tax matters: Financial services
  • Corporate tax matters: Corporate taxes
  • Corporate tax matters: Technology
  • Corporate tax matters: Cryptocurrency
  • Corporate tax matters: Value chains
  • Dispute resolution: Audit defence
  • Dispute resolution: Audit support
  • Dispute resolution: Competition/anti-trust cases
  • Dispute resolution: Dispute resolution
  • Dispute resolution: Pre-litigation
  • Dispute resolution: MAPs/ADRs
  • Dispute resolution: Litigation
  • Dispute resolution: Arbitration
  • Dispute resolution: Controversy management
  • Dispute resolution: State aid
  • Tax advisory: Tax consulting
  • Tax advisory: International tax advisory
  • Tax advisory: US Inbound
  • Tax advisory: US Outbound
  • Indirect tax: VAT
  • Indirect tax: GST
  • Indirect tax: Customs
  • Indirect tax: Supply chains
  • Transfer pricing: International Tax Planning
  • Transfer pricing: Economic Modelling
  • Transfer pricing: Cross-Border Project Management
  • Transfer pricing: TP Policy Design
  • Transfer pricing: Business Restructuring
  • Transfer pricing: Business Model Optimisation
  • Transfer pricing: Audit Defence
  • Transfer pricing: Audit Support
  • Transfer pricing: TP Risk Management
  • Transfer pricing: IP Management
  • Transfer pricing: Cost-Sharing Arrangements
  • Transfer pricing: Competition / Anti-Trust Cases
  • Transfer pricing: Dispute Resolution
  • Transfer pricing: Litigation
  • Transfer pricing: Arbitration
  • Transfer pricing: Controversy Management

  • Tech and telecoms
  • Agriculture
  • Food and beverage
  • Financial services
  • Transport