Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office


Kokusai Bldg, 9F 1-1
Marunouchi 3-chome
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1000005


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Partner: Ryutaro Uchiyama
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Network memberships: RSM International, Mergers Alliance
Languages: Japanese, English, Vietnamese, Sinhalese, Chinese

Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office (TKAO) has been in practice since its establishment in 1993. Our qualified and highly trained CPAs, tax accountants, and professional consultants provide top quality accounting and tax services to both individual and corporate clients, and we continue to strategically develop new services related to the finance and management of multi-national corporations by always staying at the forefront of the accounting and taxation field.

Our services include international tax planning, tax advice for international trade, APAs and transfer pricing documentation; and indirect tax planning and compliance services covering EPAs and FTAs.
We are a RSM correspondent firm, and our group company, Tokyo Kyodo FAS, is a member of the Mergers Alliance.
The day-to-day information sharing within these global professional networks also allows us to expand and enhance the value of our diverse and strategic new service offerings.

We provide our clients with best-value proposals and communications based on a thorough analysis of their needs. Our clients highly value our competitive fee offerings and prompt service delivery.

  • Compliance management: Economic modelling
  • Compliance management: IP management
  • Corporate tax matters: APAs
  • Corporate tax matters: Corporate taxes
  • Corporate tax matters: Cross-border project management
  • Corporate tax matters: Financial services
  • Corporate tax matters: M&A
  • Corporate tax matters: Restructuring
  • Corporate tax matters: Transactions
  • Corporate tax matters: Value chains
  • Indirect tax: Customs
  • Indirect tax: GST
  • Indirect tax: Supply chains
  • Indirect tax: VAT
  • Tax advisory: International tax advisory
  • Tax advisory: Tax consulting
  • Transfer pricing: Audit Defence
  • Transfer pricing: IP Valuation
  • Transfer pricing: TP Documentation
  • Transfer pricing: TP Policy Design
  • Transfer pricing: TP Risk Analaysis

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Construction and materials
  • Consumer goods and services
  • Energy
  • Family offices
  • Financial services
  • FinTech
  • Food and beverage
  • Gaming
  • Industrials
  • Insurance
  • InsurTech
  • Investment management
  • Private cross-border business entrepreneurs
  • Real estate
  • Renewable energy
  • Shipping
  • Tech and telecoms
  • Tourism
  • Transport

Esaka Daiichi Building 6F
4-34 Hiroshiba-cho, Suita-shi ,
Osaka, 564-0052