MUC Consulting Group


MUC Building, Jl. TB Simatupang 15
Jakarta, 12530


Key contacts:

Managing Partner: Sugianto
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Partner (International Tax): Wahyu Nuryanto
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Partner (Tax Compliance): Meydawati
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Quick facts:

Number of partners: 6 (six)
Number of advisors: 270
Network memberships: MSI Global Alliance
Languages: English, Japan, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay

Founded in 1999, MUC Consulting (MUC) is at the forefront of business consultancy in Indonesia. Boasting a dynamic team of over 270 experts, MUC combines tax, accounting, customs, and legal expertise, this combination enables us to perceive clients’ issues from a multi-perspective that generates extensive and applicable solutions accordingly. With strategic offices in Jakarta and Surabaya, we support over 1000 clients, including prominent multi-national corporations and immense State-Owned Enterprises, across various industrial sectors.

Understanding the global demands of our clientele, especially multi-nationals, we emphasize in-depth knowledge of local and international regulations. Since 2010, our affiliation with MSI Global Alliances, a prestigious network of independent legal and accounting firms spanning more than 100 countries, has amplified our capacity to provide global-scale support. This partnership ensures our clients benefit from seamless, globally-informed, and cooperative solutions.

  • Corporate tax matters: Cross-border project management
  • Corporate tax matters: Restructuring
  • Corporate tax matters: Cost-sharing arrangements
  • Corporate tax matters: APAs
  • Corporate tax matters: Transactions
  • Corporate tax matters: M&A
  • Corporate tax matters: Corporate taxes
  • Dispute resolution: Audit defence
  • Dispute resolution: Audit support
  • Dispute resolution: Dispute resolution
  • Dispute resolution: Pre-litigation
  • Dispute resolution: MAPs/ADRs
  • Tax advisory: Tax consulting
  • Tax advisory: International tax advisory
  • Indirect tax: VAT
  • Indirect tax: Customs
  • Transfer pricing: International Tax Planning
  • Transfer pricing: TP Policy Design
  • Transfer pricing: Audit Defence
  • Transfer pricing: Audit Support
  • Transfer pricing: TP Risk Management
  • Transfer pricing: Cost-Sharing Arrangements
  • Transfer pricing: Dispute Resolution
  • Transfer pricing: Litigation
  • Transfer pricing: Controversy Management

  • Oil and gas
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Industrials
  • Consumer goods and services

Practice group A title: Tax Dispute Resolution
Advisor: Imam Subekti
Job title: Partner
Recent matter highlights:
MUC has adeptly navigated the intricate and varied tax cases of the company, a Fortune 500 and blue-chip company. The complexity of these cases stems from divergent interpretations of tax regulations between MUC and the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT). Despite the challenges of varying viewpoints and the nuanced tax implications, MUC has skilfully guided the company through these complexities. Our expertise enabled us to persuasively present the company's position to both the Panel of Judges and the DGT, achieving a mutual understanding of the regulations in question. This success underscores MUC's proficiency in handling high-stakes tax matters for leading global corporations.

Graha Pena 15th floor
Jl. Ahmad Yani 88
Surabaya 60231