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De Passage 150
Postbus 2259
1101 AX, Amsterdam

+31 (0) 88 676 9000

Key contacts:

Head of Tax: Jacob Mook
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Tax director Global Mobility Services: Jochem Calis
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Partner Value Added Tax: Robert-Jan Brethouwer
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Quick facts:

Number of specialist tax advisors : 132
International network: 750 tax partners and 8000 tax professionals, operating in over 140 countries
High partner involvement: Partners make up approximately 10% of total advisors
Languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Mandarin, Moroccan, Spanish, Urdu, and Turkish
Industry sector strengths: Health care, real estate, logistics & transport industry, Amazon fulfillments, business software, direct selling, and multi-level marketing
Connections: Strong ties with the European, US, UK, and Chinese Grant Thornton branches
International tax practice areas: International Corporate Income Tax, Transaction Tax, Mergers and Acquisitions, Global Mobility Services, Value Added Tax, Transfer Pricing, Tax Technology, and Real Estate Transfer Tax
Domestic tax practice areas: Corporate and Personal Income Tax, Transaction Tax, Mergers and Acquisitions, Estate Planning, Innovation box specialism, Tax compliance, Value Added Tax, and Payroll

Grant Thornton Netherlands is a member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL), one of the world's largest networks (#6) of independent accounting and consulting firms, with 56,000 professionals in over 140 countries. From nine Dutch offices, 550 professionals support our customers with advice and assistance in audit, tax and (financial) advisory issues.

In addition to our close cooperation with various Dutch teams, we work globally and together as an international team in order to ensure that our clients receive quality business advisory services, made to fit. This includes assisting our clients with the planning, reviewing and implementing of efficient (international) business structures so that they can form and coordinate their own activities and operations in the relevant countries according to their needs. In the last year our International practice has shown a growth in revenue of 20%, despite the world wide COVID-19 pandemic.

The Dutch Grant Thornton’s international tax practice serves non-Dutch corporate clients with operations, employees or entities in the Netherlands or Dutch corporations with subsidiaries or shareholders outside the Netherlands.

As part of our communication with the clients, we coordinate tax compliance through the use of a centralized tools and dashboard. This provides our client daily insight into their compliance position and determine whether they are “in control” of their compliance commitments.

We deliver world-class expertise in a way that is seamlessly connected with the unique situation of the client. We work from a solid foundation with a flexible and results-driven mentality.

Compliance management

  • Business model optimisation
  • Economic modelling
  • Policy design
  • IP management
  • Technology services

Corporate tax matters

  • Cross-border project management
  • Restructuring
  • Cost-sharing arrangements
  • APAs
  • Transactions
  • M&A
  • Environmental
  • Financial services
  • Corporate taxes
  • Technology
  • Value chains

Dispute resolution

  • Audit defence
  • Audit support
  • Competition/anti-trust cases
  • Dispute resolution
  • Pre-litigation
  • MAPs/ADRs
  • Litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Controversy management
  • State aid

Tax advisory

  • Tax consulting
  • International tax advisory
  • US Inbound
  • US Outbound

Indirect tax

  • VAT
  • GST
  • Customs
  • Supply chains

International Tax Services
Jurgen van Hattum

Onno Backx

Monique Pisters

Global mobility services
Jochem Calis
Tax director

Value Added Tax
Robert-Jan Brethouwer

Ronald Bergenhenegouwen
Senior Advisor

Transfer Pricing
Charles Marais

Transaction Services
Wilfred van der Lee

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture
  • Business software
  • Construction and materials
  • Consumer goods and services
  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Food and beverage
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Industrials
  • Insurance
  • Investment management
  • Oil and gas
  • Real estate
  • Shipping
  • Tech and telecoms
  • Transport

Amsterdam Office
De Passage 150
1101 AX Amsterdam

Alphen aan den Rijn Office
Flemingweg 10
2408 AV Alphen aan den Rijn

Arnhem Office
Building 026, 4e etage, Koningstraat 30-2
6811 DG Arnhem

Gouda Office
Burgemeester Jamesplein 1, 10e etage
2803 PG Gouda

Hague Office
Koninginnegracht 19, unit 0.19
2514 AB Den Haag

Leiden Office
Vondellaan 47
2332 AA Leiden

Rotterdam Office
Gedempte Zalmhaven 4 E
3011 BT Rotterdam

Woerden Office
Middellandse Zee 15A, 3e etage
3446 CG Woerden

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