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Managing Partner : Janis Zelmenis
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Managing Partner : Vita Liberte
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Tax Director: Alise Berlinberga
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Quick facts:

Number of advisors: 55
Network memberships: 1,600+ offices with a global presence in over 167 countries
Languages: English, Latvian, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese

BDO Latvia Tax department is known for its strong expertise in tax advisory and tax structuring. BDO tax team consists of specialists familiar with the applicable laws and regulations, and recent developments in legislation. We can find practical solutions to any tax issues in Latvia and worldwide, including value-added tax and corporate income tax applications. BDO Latvia provides advice on direct and indirect tax, and handles transfer pricing and tax due diligence matters as well as resolves tax disputes and represents clients in court.

Close collaboration with colleagues from other local BDO service lines (Accounting, Legal, Audit, Corporate Finances) has resulted in a successful completion of complex multidisciplinary projects.

BDO Latvia has seen growth in new products range embedded as business support services for Fintech companies to plan their operations more efficiently. In addition, BDO Latvia is offering new services to local and foreign wealthy individuals, helping clients find the most appropriate solutions to various situations related to relocation tax planning, business succession, investments, inheritance and other issues. BDO Law is an independent juridical company that has provided advice on all aspects of business law in Latvia since 2007 and is an associate of BDO, one of the leading global groups of auditing and financial advisory services providers.

Compliance management

  • Business model optimisation
  • Economic modelling
  • Policy design
  • IP management

Corporate tax matters

  • Cross-border project management
  • Restructuring
  • Cost-sharing arrangements
  • APAs
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax risk management systems
  • Transactions
  • M&A
  • Environmental
  • Financial services
  • Corporate taxes
  • Technology
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Value chains

Dispute resolution

  • Audit defence
  • Audit support
  • Competition/anti-trust cases
  • Dispute resolution
  • Pre-litigation
  • MAPs
  • Litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Controversy management
  • State aid

Tax advisory

  • Tax consulting
  • International tax advisory
  • High net worth individuals services
  • Binding rulings

Indirect tax

  • VAT
  • Tax risk management systems
  • Customs
  • Supply chains


Vita Liberte
Managing Partner

Restructuring legal entity and thin capitalisation optimisation - BDO Law assisted the client and prepared all the necessary documents for investment in-kind made by the Client and when increasing Client’s share capital.

Tax consultations included comprehensive tax analysis of corporate income tax, values added tax, and real estate Land Register’s fees. Tax Department prepared 4 Company restructuring scenarios which were an alternative solution for liquidation process. As well, Firm’s Tax Department prepared and implemented a corporate income tax thin capitalization solution for financial years 2020 and 2021.

Subsequently, the Client implemented one of the suggested scenarios and saved EUR 440 000 in comparison to its original liquidation plan.

Janis Zelmenis
Managing Partner

Tax matters of SE relocations and destination research - BDO Law converted the bank from AS (Joint Stock Company) to SE (Societas Europaea).

Tax Department provided an opinion on tax aspects related to the transfer of the head office of a SE from Latvia to another country. As well, provided services regarding the comparison of tax environment in three possible destination jurisdiction - Germany, Estonia, and Lithuania. Provided an opinion on tax aspects related to the transfer of the head office of a SE from Latvia to another country.

The tax scope of this comparison included specifics of tax residence related matters, corporate income tax, including taxation of dividend distribution and relevant tax treaties, value added tax in accordance with Council Directive 2006/112/EC, salary taxes. As well as memorandum on comprehensive tax risk assessment of head office exit from Latvia was included.

Vita Liberte
Managing Partner

Tax Structuring project - BDO Tax Department prepared consultations regarding the development of tax efficient structure for Client to expand its business to U.S.

The Project was divided into three phases. First phase was provided to the Client during 2020, this phase included:

  • Feasibility evaluation of the proposed project and designing an appropriate company structure for the group’s U.S. operations.
  • Preparing a high-level review for the operations of the Latvian corporation in the U.S. to determine the risk of a permanent establishment created by the Latvian personnel, as well as potential structures to minimize U.S. tax and administrative burden.

Janis Zelmenis
Managing Partner

Preparation of full-scope Transfer Pricing documentation - BDO prepared full scope transfer pricing documentation, including master file and local file, for a broad range of intra-group transactions for the purpose of tax-efficient business operations for submission to State Revenue Service.

Transfer pricing documentation involved analysis of compliance with the arm’s length principle for group companies in Latvia, Europe, and Russia. This documentation covered transactions such as:

  • Production and resale (medical products)
  • Financial transactions.
  • Low value-added transactions and others.

This matter covered documentation of complex supply chain transactions, since client is an international company, with subsidiaries worldwide.

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Banking
  • Construction and materials
  • Consumer goods and services
  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Food and beverage
  • Forestry
  • Gaming
  • Government and public policy
  • Healthcare
  • Industrials
  • Insurance
  • Investment management
  • Media
  • Mining
  • Natural resources
  • Oil and gas
  • Pharma and life sciences
  • Real estate
  • Shipping
  • Social infrastructure
  • Tech and telecoms
  • Tourism
  • Transport
  • Utilities
  • Other