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World Tax, published by International Tax Review, is the guide to the world’s leading tax law and accounting practices. Based on external research with advisers and clients by specialist tax journalists, World Tax is the foremost publication of its kind to focus on the leading firms for tax advice around the world. The guide has grown to cover more than 80 jurisdictions, with editorial and rankings in 56 of them.

The research period for World Tax 2017 and World Transfer Pricing 2017 has begun.

For the first time, the questionnaires will be hosted online. We expect that this will make the process of filing for the questionnaires easier and quicker for most firms, and will allow us to better compare the data submitted.

If – for any reason – you would prefer to file using a Word document, as has been done in previous years, this is no problem. You can download the form using the link above, or contact Joe Stanley-Smith, World Tax editor, on and he will be happy to provide you with one.

The deadline for submissions this year is Friday, May 13 2016. This gives you more than a month to collect all of the information necessary to complete the form. If you feel you will need more time, or are likely to miss the deadline, contact Joe Stanley-Smith and he will be able to negotiate a short extension.

This is the link to fill in the survey. Once you have completed and submitted it, a researcher may contact you over the next few months to ask you more about your firm.

The World Tax and World Transfer Pricing directories, published annually, are key resources in assisting tax and TP executives locate specialist advice. Each edition analyses and rates the tax expertise offered in more than 50 jurisdictions globally, giving tax executives the most comprehensive information about the market for tax advice.

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